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Before Upgrade Current Final Will Mode
Colors Black (Main), Red (Accents) Same Same
Armor 73/100 85/100 85/100
Power 87/100 97/100 130/100
Intelligence 67/100 80/100 80/100
Speed 67/100 75/100 96/100
Special 79/100 96/cc100 121/100
Strength 89/100 103/100 145/100
Overall Stats 462/600 508/600 623/600
Damage Recovery 3 5 5
Core HP 3050 3460 3470
TBR 4,650 5,130 6,280

Important Information

Country of Origin: USA


  • Static Foe- Similar to Metro's foot trap, Annihilator steps on the opposing robot's foot and releases combos of attacks. But because of morals, the robot is freed after quite a bit of damage.
  • Rapid Regen- Even though the damage recovery isn't something like 25 or 100, it's still a lot more than average bots'.
  • Final Will Mode- Ever since Jayden Guthrie (a 12-year old boy) upgraded Annihilator, new perks have shown up, especially 'Final Will Mode'. Annihilator gets a short burst of extreme strength, but like overeating sugar products, Annihilator gets depleted of energy for some time.


  • Pummel- A combo that is targeted at the chest of the opposing robot and consists of a left jab, right uppercut, left cross, right cross, and a left uppercut.
  • Demolition- A combo that consists of 3 chest upper cuts (left, right, left), right, left face hooks, and a left backhand to the chest.
  • Kill Pummel- Pummel, then a heavy right temple hook
  • Beat Down- 3 rather weak left, right uppercuts to the head and a double hammer-fist
  • Bombardment- Put's left hand on opposing bot's right shoulder and does 4 right jabs to the head, a right uppercut to the head, and a right hook to the head, sending the bot spinning once to the left.
  • Triad Jab Combo- 2 right jabs to the head, then a right overhand to the head, normally sending the bot to the ground. It can also be used in a left alteration.


  • Charging Fury- Annihilator charges to the side of the opponent and when Annihilator is about to pass, Annihilator right jabs the opponent, either in the face or the chest.


  • Chest Breaker- Annihilator chambers its hands to the right side of its chest and releases the right hand in a jab to the chest while twisting its own body to increase damage. This attack's power can be amplified by activating Final Will Mode.


  • Destruction- Left, right, left jabs to the head. Right left right chest uppercuts. A right backhand to the head making the opponent step to the side, and a full strength right jab to the head, resulting in an A.K.O.
  • Final Blitz- Only achieved in 'Final Will' mode. After damaging the opposing bot heavily, Annihilator uses Static Foe, brings its own arm way back, and slams it into the opposing robot's head, sending it away to the other side of the ring, with the conclusion of an A.K.O.
  • Annihilation- Right jabs the opposing robot's chest, sending them into the ropes. Annihilator does a left right hook combo to the head, a right backhand to the head, then uses Charging Fury to the head, causing an A.K.O.


No specific fight style. Just tries to get the opponent to an A.K.O. Uses Final Will at hard times (Skyrockets strength, beware). Also, Annihilator is stacked on attack and defense. The only time to beat Annihilator is when it's in depletion, especially in Final Will Mode. Depletion time will almost double to 75%.

Other Information

Owner: Ben Jackson

Constructed With:

  • Titanium
  • Steel
  • Graphene

Weight: 1003 Lbs. (0.5015 US tons)

Height: 8'3"

Announcer's Quote: With a punch strong enough to send opponents hurling to the ropes, here's, Annihilator!


Chapter 1: Ben Jackson

Ben Jackson wasn't a reputable robot boxer controller in his younger years. His robots, which were crudely assembled and sometimes bought off of Ebay for a few hundred dollars, were iced in every battle he went out to. A few of his bots' arms here, some heads there, he was even dubbed, "The Robo Punching Bag Supplier". After fights where his bot sustained little damage (which was rare), he would repair it to the best of his ability.

Fight after fight, losing more money, he had no choice but to sell all of his bots to the junkyard for a couple thousand dollars and even a bit of his little furniture to avoid poverty. Even then, the amount of money he made with the scraps of metal wasn't enough to buy himself a nice robot or quality parts.

"2 grand's all I have. I can barely buy a frame and parts to make another robot. I can stick with a frame, but that won't be very effective," Ben Jackson stated flipping through his money in his hand, "junkyards don't have the best security and they might appreciate it if I free up some space in their inventory. I bet they don't know half the stuff that's there!" Ben Jackson rummaged through a box full of random papers and found a city map, "Where's the nearest junkyard located?"

Ben Jackson spent around half an hour researching junkyards to loot and found one not so far away, "Robot Avenue and Boxing Drive, only a mile from here. That should work nicely."

Ben sat around his apartment as he always did and waited as the sun went down. 5 hours past and he headed to his rundown truck, "8:45. It should be closed by now." Ben grabbed a shopping cart he got a while back and placed it in the trunk. He hopped in and revved the engine. The lights turned on and he drove away to the junkyard.

Chapter 2: The Junkyard

A few minutes pass and he arrived at a dirt patch not far from the junkyard parking lot. He got out of his car and put his keys in his pocket. Ben took the shopping cart and snuck around the back portion of the junkyard. After a few yards, he found a tear in the wire mesh fence and maneuvered his cart through the piles of metal. He continuously hid in the blind spots of the watchtowers so he wouldn't get caught. Ben kept creeping through the junkyard trying to find some kind of parts he can use for his future robot.

After half an hour he found a salvageable frame. But as he made his way to it, he heard a man say, "Hey. I saw something over there. We should probably check it out."

"Jeff. It's probably another raccoon." The other man replied.

"Alright, I'll check it myself." Jeff said making his way over to Ben's location.

"No no no no no! This is bad!" Ben thought, finding a place to hide.

Ben got up and bolted through the piles of junk and hid in a hole away from the light. Jeff approached and past Ben and found his shopping cart. Jeff walked toward it and found a trail.

"Never mind. It was just a loose shopping cart." Jeff stated walking back to his guarding zone.

As soon as Ben was persuaded that Jeff was gone, he got up and out of his hole and and walked along the junk piles again. He looked at the guards and they moved locations. He thought that his chance to get the frame had arrived. He ran to it, grabbed it the arms and dragged it to his cart.

When he successfully got it secured to the cart he pushed it to his truck. As he pushed, he grabbed scraps of metal along the way that he could use. Ben opened the trunk and placed the frame and the cart in. He closed the trunk and hopped into his truck and placed the metal scraps in the passenger seat. He revved the engine and drove off back to his house.

Chapter 3: Robot Boxer (in progress)

When Ben got back home, he spent months using the materials he collected making his new bot. The weeks went by as he programmed his newly made bot and finally, the new bot has been finished.

"Now for a paint job!" Ben said looking at his new beautiful robot.

Ben walked over to some spray paint cans he saved inside another box. He chose carefully on the colors and settled on black with an accent of red. He spent the next few hours layering the paint on his new bot and waited a day for it to dry. He came back to his newly painted bot and thought, "A little gloss like Zeus couldn't hurt!" He took some nail polish he found lying on the side of the road a few weeks ago, and spread it all over his robot. "Perfect! Now let's see what you can do!"

Ben ran to his closet and pulled out some planks of wood. He brought them to his robot and dropped them on the floor, "Now I just have to pair you to the remote," Ben paired the robot to his remote and made it walk, block and punch, "alright! Let's try a half inch plank!" Ben pressed the jab button and his bot bended it's knee to add force to the punch, but a bolt came loose and the bot collapsed to the ground in a clunk, "Darn it."

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