Note:I didn’t make this pic, Rumbodumbo did.

Weight:1900 lbs Height: 8 foot, 3 inches






Intelligence:96 (has adaptive fight code)

Ability: Last Stand.

Special Feature:Titantium Joints (For constricting)

Special Move: Amazon Anhilator (Weaving behind enemy, then squeezing for about 5-7 seconds, then falling forward and letting the enemy take the impact.)

Bot Type:Anhilator

Maker:Sydney Davis.

Upgraders:The X Team (Led by Evan Maynord)

Owner:Ronan Xavier


Backstory:Anaconda was just another underworld bot, winning a couple, losing a couple. He was about average, not as good as Midas, better than Bio War. Then a few hotshot WRB people came to spectate and saw talent. They bought em, fixed em up, then sold him to the highest buyer. That buyer was Ronan Xavier, who had once owned a few WRB bots, and missed his glory days. ”Well,”said Ronan, to nobody, “let’s get started, Anaconda“

Intro:From the darkest depths of the Amazon, The Mighty Constricting Killer, ANACONDA!

Entrance:(Leaning down and shaking like a snake, then jumping up and doing a few punches, then getting in ready position)

Anaconda v Bluebot

Amaconda immediately circles Blue, and Blue starts circling as well. Then Anaconda spins the other direction and backhands Blue’s back, knocking him over. Anaconda jumps up and down on his back (Like Nojoke) and Bluebot is destroyed, Anaconda declared the victor.

Anaconda v Bio War

They Start to circle each other, Then Bio Gets impatient, and lands a jab in Anaconda’s Chest. But before BW can get his hand out, Anaconda grabs it, then, With his other hand, Hit BW inner elbow, knocking BW Hand off clean. Anaconda goes in with the uppercut, knocking BW head off. Anaconda declared victor.

Anaconda v Midas

Midas immediately Left hooks Anaconda’s Face. Then Midas grabs Anaconda’s shoulders, Pulling off 4 knees to the chest then head butting, sending Anaconda to the ground. Anaconda gets up, but Midas uppercuts, but Anaconda Catches it. Midas tries to punch with his other hand, but that is caught too. Then Anaconda kicks him back, ripping both of his arms off. Midas is caught by the chains, but Anaconda jobs toward him, punching his face and ripping his head clean off, Anaconda declared victor.

Anaconda v Tackle

Both bots circle, waiting, watching. Tackle, as fast as lightning, slams Anaconda into the dirt. Anaconda starts to get up, but is slammed down again. Tackle turns and raises his hands in victory. Then Anaconda double kicks him in the back, then jumps on him and punches 12 times in the face. Tackle throws him off, but Anaconda charge again, spinning around him to his back, and squeezes. After 7 seconds, Anaconda falls forward, while holding Tackle. Tackle takes all the impact, and is destroyed.

Anaconda v Metro

Anaconda charged righ at the start, dodging Metro’s foot plant, and left hooking Metro in the face. Metro ignored the hit, and slammed his head with the Mallet Smackdown. Anaconda got up, and shifted back. As Metro lumbered over Anaconda saw something, and tried to weave past Metro. Metro, unfortunately, wasn’t buying it. Metro spun his hammer, and knocked Anaconda’s head off.

Anaconda v Metro (Rematch, 1 Month later)

Metro, confident from his last victory, advance Andy swings at Anaconda immediately. Anaconda, with his adaptive fight code, wont let that happen again. Anaconda dodges and kicks Metro to the ground from behind. Metro tries to get up, but Anaconda stomps on Metro’s mallet, so when Metro gets up, his mallet is ripped off. Anaconda uppercuts, Knocking Metro’s head off.

Anaconda v Gridlock

Gridlock Advances immediatly, uppercutting Anaconda back. Anaconda puts up hands to block, as Gridlock punches and uppercuts away at him. Anaconda is backed into the corner, as Grid countinues to give him punishment. Anaconda finally dodges, then lands a uppercut on Grid, and Grid backs away to plan his next advance. Anaconda, however, wastes no time and lowercuts Grid in the chest, then kicks his gut. Gridlock, now on the defensiv, puts hands up to protect himself, but Anaconda weaves behind, and slams him down, then jumps on him, elbow first, and punches him two times. Anaconda gets up, picking gridlock up under his arm. Anaconda slams his arm thru Gridlock’s shoulder, breaking his arm off. Gridlock surrenders, avoiding any more damage, making Anaconda the victor.

Anaconda v Noisy Boy

Anaconda puts up hands to block right at the start, knowing Noisy’s Power. Noisy weaves and lands a couple punches, but no big damage yet. Anaconda, quick as lightning, nails Noisy with a heavy lowrcut, then slams into Noisy, and he falls to the ground. Noisy gets up fast, and hooks Anaconda, then backhands with the same hand. Noisy goes in for another hook, but Anaconda blocks it, then kicks Noisy back. Noisy spin his arm around, waiting for Anaconda to strike. Anaconda dives low, picking Noisy up over his head. Anaconda walks around, showing off, then drops Noisy on his knee. Noisy tries to get up, but Anaconda kicks him back down. Just as Noisy tries to surrender, Anaconda uppercuts his head clean off, Making Anaconda the Victor.

Anaconda v Albino

Anaconda chrages from the start, and kicks Albino back. Anaconda charges again, but is met by Albino hand from above, then Albino punches Anaconda twice, then knees his head, as Anaconda falls back. Anaconda rolls back and gets up. Anaconda circles Albino. Albino goes in for a heavy punch, but Anaconda spins past it. Anaconda grabs him and squeezes. After 6 seconds, Anaconda kicks his leg joint, ripping his leg off. Albino surrenders before any more damage.

Anaconda v Twin Cities

Anaconda goes back, waiting for a chance to strike. TC attacks right at the start, punching and slamming into Anaconda‘s blocks. TC lands a lower cut on Anaconda, then a double uppercut, knocking Anaconda down. Anaconda gets up, but is met by a hook to his face. TC forces Anaconda into a corner, jabbing him to oblivion. Anaconda finally spins out of the corner, behind TC. Anaconda kicks TC into the corner, then keeps kicking his chest. TC starts to steam, as Anaconda has got to his power core, and keeps kicking. TC dodges one of the kicks, spins around Anaconda, then jabs his back 6 times. As TC is about to land a finishing blow, the bell goes off, ending the first round. Round 2: Anaconda, now slightly repaired, weaves under TC first punch. Anaconda grabs TC, and squeezes. TC backhands him though, and Anaconda is forced to let go. TC has took very big damage to his chest and power core, with all the kicks plus the squeezing. Anaconda runs in, landing a lower cut on his chest, frying his power core. TC loses.

Anaconda v Touchdown

Anaconda, knowing Touchdown’s superier reach, gets in close and lands a lower cut to start the match. Anaconda kicks TD side a couple times, then punches to the ground. TD double kicks Anaconda back, then jumps up and tackles Anaconda down. TD punches Anaconda in the face 6 times, then gets up and puts hands up in victory. Anaconda rolls back then gets up. Anaconda runs at TD, weaving past 3 punches, then landing a uppercut with such force, TD is beheaded, Making Anaconda the victor.

Anaconda v Blac Jac

Anaconda prepares to attack, but BJ lowercuts, then uppercuts Anaconda back. Anaconda blocks the next few punches, then lands a jab on Blac Jac’s face. Anaconda goes on the offensive, landing a left hook, then a backhand, then two lower cuts, and finally he slams BJ into the ground. BJ slides thru Anaconda‘s legs, then slams Anaconda to the ground. BJ jumps on Anaconda, shoving both hands into his neck hint, and spins them. Anaconda kicks BJ off, but has took heavy damage. BJ runs over and double upper cuts Anaconda’s head, Sending it flying off, resulting in Anaconda‘s 2nd loss

Anaconda v Blac Jac (Rematch, two months later)

Anaconda, now knowing somewhat about his opponet, starts to advance. BJ advances too, but then they circle each other. Anaconda cuts in the other direction and backhands BJ, then spins and right hooks him to the ground. Anaconda lower cuts BJ then kicks him into the corner. BJ puts his hand up to block, as Anaconda kicks away at his defenses. Anaconda jumps back and waits for BJ to come. BJ takes the bait and runs forward to hook, but Anaconda ducks under it then spins around BJ and grabs him and squeezes. Anaconda falls forward, letting BJ take the impact. BJ stays down, 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10! Anaconda wins.

Anaconda v Zeus

Zeus immediately advances and punches Anaconda to the ground, when Anaconda tries to get up he is punched again, the process repeats 4 more times. Anaconda rolls left and finally gets up, as Zeus advances. Anaconda blocks two of Zeus’s punches, but gets hit by Zeus double piston uppercu. Anaconda scrabbles back, then lands a Lower cut on Zeus. Zeus keeps advancing though, and hooks, sending Anaconda to the ground. Anaconda finally spins around 3 of Zeus’s punches, then double uppercuts, sending Zeus back. Zeus bounces back very fast though and Zeus lands a barrage of punches as Anaconda struggles to get his hands up to defend. Zeus finally kicks Anaconda back, but before he could finish the job, Ronan Xavier surrenderd.

Anaconda v Zeus (Rematch #1)


Anaconda v Zeus (Rematch #2


Anaconda v Zeus (Rematch #3)


Anaconda v Zeus (Rematch #4)


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