"The Comic Book Crusher, revived from Metal Valley. here's the Retro Superhero.. Ambush 2.5!

SUPERNOVA Full 05 111109-small MT


Mark watched on his TV the success of Ambush 2.0. Mark thought how it would be like if he had Ambush 2.0, and he got an idea. Mark got all the Ambush videos there was and Mark looked closely at his design. And made a copy of Ambush 2.0. Mark added upgrades and a paint job to make him stronger. Mark placed Ambush 2.5 in his arsenal.

Chest Slam 2.5

Ambush tackles the opponent and waits for him to get up. Ambush then spin-fists the opponent and punches the opponents head to decapitate the opponent.


  • Ambush 2.5 can do Spin-Fist.
  • He got a flame paint job
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