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By checking the Free-for-All-Voting-System history, I discovered a LOT of unwritten fights, here they are...

Denster, The Ripper Wing


Bandit, The Marauder Bot

More fights

Oneway, The Tyrant Speedster


Sparky, The Canadian Sparkplug


Sorry "bout that.

Ambush 2.0 

NAME : Ambush 2.0 (GOLD)  

Title : The Wearer of the Steel Laurel, The Golden Destroyer, The Lord of Destruction

Ambush 2.0
Ambush 2.0-Glory
Vital statistics
Title The Holder of the Steel Laurel, The Lord of Destruction, The Golden Destroyer
Generation 3
Bot Type Hybrid (Demolisher/Blitz Cannon)
Status Working

Generation : G3

Handler: John Maxwell

Robot Frame: Mega-Destruction-57(Max-Power ver)

Robot Power Core: Cryto-Thetabrand-Proto 

Robot Motherboard: Le-27-Roc

Controller : I like Hand-held remotes


Armour : 80/100

Power : 95/100

Speed : 95/100

Intelligence:0/100 (Except for a lock-on system, Ambush 2.0 has no A.I)

BOT TYPE: Hybrid (Demolisher/Blitz Cannon)

Announcer's Quote:"Hiding in shadows, waiting to destroy when they're unaware, here stands the Golden Destroyer, Ambush, 2.0!"

Stance : Ambush 2.0 bows over, arms wide open and legs spread. This stance enables him to grab people easily. This also tricks others into attacking his mid-section, making it easier for Ambush 2.0 to predict and counter their attacks.

Signature Moves :

"Grand Smack down" : Ambush 2.0 grabs the other bot, headbutts him and throws him onto the ground, leaving the other bot vulnerable to further attacks. Can be used in most situations, like Panic Shield, but also used for offense.

"Golden Chest Slam" : Ambush 2.0 punches the other bot rapidly, damaging the chest and making friction to heat up the knuckledusters. The heat produces a chemical reaction with the magnesium in the knuckledusters, releasing a hot intense flash that damages the other bot' s sensors, leaving it vulnerable to further attacks.

'"Bushwhack 2.0" : Ambush 2.0' kicks the other bot's head and headbutts it into the ropes. Underworld matches only.

'"Countercrush" : Ambush 2.0 counters all incoming attack and gets close-up with the other bot and elbows him. Can be followed up with other moves.

"Supestes Combo" : Ambush 2.0 counters an incoming attack, following up with---roundhouse, uppercut, one two one, jab, overhead slam.

Special gear 

18k Gold and magnesium alloy knuckledusters , Advanced cool down system , Heat absorb/ power drain system, fluid synapse core and improved plating and motors, Restored insignia, Remade right leg, Quantum Stealth (Used in Stealth Mode), Smartcamo (Used in Stealth Mode)

Stealth Mode

Quantum Stealth and Smartcamo are both bought by John Maxwell shortly after defeating Zeus. John pay a fortune for an ex-military for them. When activated, Smartcamo adapts itself from the surroundings and uses Quantum Stealth for further camouflaging. During this period, all power is routed from the chest to the limbs and head, leaving Ambush 2.0 very vulnerable but extremely deadly.

(In Steath Mode)

Armor : 10/100

Power : 1000/100

Speed : 1000/100


(Nope, still no A.I)


Among the pinnacle of boxing robots, surpassing even the most menacing of champions. 

Underworld: Feared by most underworld boxers.

WRB: Few recorded fights, but defeated Zeus.

TOKC: Season 1 Rank 1, holds the crown for the Steel Laurel.

AOBC: Top-tier contender.


Ambush 2.0 SD ver

Armor up!

1. Ambush 2.0 can fly, though not really.

2. Ambush 2.0 has a tattoo of John on his ankle.

3. John has a tattoo of Ambush 2.0 on his ankle.

4. A 1:1 bronze statue of Ambush 2.0 was going to be placed in The Fawk Hedhon Memorial Park, but they made a 2:1 marble water fountain of Ambush 2.0 instead.


  • "Please spare my life." -John Maxwell begging for mercy when he discovered the Japanese couple sleeping together.
  • "Oh, could it be Mr. Intestine Problems?" -John showing dislike towards Anthony Brooks.
  • "Deez Nutz. Ha! Got em." -Brady C. Olson.
  • "BAD MOVE!" -Raf Kent in the tag team tournament with John.
  • The one who peeked me bathe, I’m not blaming on you! The one who gave me flowers, I’m searching for you!” -Sayinaral Qayag seeking for John.

Fight History


Bluebot, Won by decapitation. Notable casualties: None

Zookeeper, Won by knockout. Notable casualties: Heavily damaged foot

Blacktop, Won by knockout. Notable casualties: None

Crimson Carnage, Lost by knockout. Notable casualties: None

Skar, Tied by decision. Notable casualties: None

Sixshooter, Won by decision. Notable casualties: None

Nitro, Won by decapitation. Notable casualties: Major damaged torso

Aquabot, Won by core-disabilitation. Notable casualties: None

Midas, Won by knockout. Notable casualties: Decapitated arm

Blac Jac, Won by decision. Notable casualties: Major paint scratches


Gridlock, Won by decision. Notable casualties: None

Fiend, Won by knockout. Notable casualties: Loose hydraulics

Abandon, Lost by knockout. Notable casualties: None

Albino, Won by decapitation. Notable casualties: None

Zeus, Won by decision. Notable casualties: Critical chassis damage


Shredder, Lost by knockout. Notable casualties: Multiple chest-dents

Shredder, Won by knockout. Notable casualties: Scratched knuckledusters

Ravagor, Lost by decision. Notable casualties: Decapitated leg and faceplate disfiguration

Earth, Won by knockout. Notable casualties: Decapitated arm

Destructobot, Lost by knockout. Notable casualties: None

Thanatos, Tied by decision. Notable casualties: Deep chest-dent

Bandit, Tied by double knockout. Notable casualties: Disabled arm

Showoff, Won by knockout. Notable casualties: None

Bunker Buster, Lost by knocked-out-of-the-ring. Notable casualties: None

Zeus 3.0, Won by core-disabilitation. Notable casualties: Piston Malfunction

Volcano, Won by destruction-of-spinal-structure. Notable casualties: Burst fuel tank

Manchu Holy Rhino, Won by murderation. Notable casualties: Destruction of backplates

Doomfire, Won by knockout. Notable casualties: Cosmetic scorched

Denster, Won by Decision (According to Denster's page.) Notable casualties: Main valves malfunction

Denster, Won by Knockout (According to Denster's page.) Notable casualties: Armor plate chippings.

Ragnorak, Won by knockout. Notable casualties: Cosmetic penetrations

WRBTT (Tag partner: Shredder)

Crimson Carnage and Jasper, Won by decision. Notable casualties: Mid-section penetration

Zeus and Atom, Lost by knockout. Notable casualties: Major faceplate damage

Zeus and Atom, Won by decision. Notable casualties: Heavy mid-section damage

Hattori 2.0 and Steampunk, Won by knockout. Notable casualties: None

Hattori 2.0 and Steampunk, Won by knockout. Notable casualties: None

Abandon and Blac Jac, Tied by double knockout. Notable casualties: Penetrated chest

Albino and Excavator, Won by decision. Notable casualties: None

Jasper and Scorpio, Won by decision. Notable casualties: None

Alaska Tag Team Tournament (Tag partner: Bladeface)

Never and End Breaker, Won by decapitation. Notable casualties: Slightly damaged exoskeleton

Bro and Freeze, Won by decapitation. Notable casualties:None

Shogun and Axelrod, Won by core-disabilitation. Notable casualties:None

Jackie and Stripe, Won by decapitation. Notable casualties:None

The Annual Overworld Boxing Championships

Shredder, Won by decision. Notable casualties: Cracked arm

Overkill, Won by knockout. Notable casualties: Multiple penetration points

The Official Knockout Championships

Denster, Won by decision. Notable casualties: Unhung jawpiece

Ravagor, Won by knockout. Notable casualties: Cracked exoskeleton

Gunslinger, Won by knockout. Notable casualties:None

Thanatos, Won by decision. Notable casualties:Damaged lens

Smash, Won by knockout. Notable casualties: Burst hydraulics

Prologue (John Maxwell) 

John Maxwell is always marveled by the magnificent bot fights. The clashing of steel and the destruction of it. But then, he was nothing but a wandering kid of Crash Palace, raised by himself with a part-time mentor, Artie Bakker. Artie is getting old and he is not as good as he used to be. He needs someone to carry his legacy on, and Bakker sees potential in Maxwell, so he taught him how to box. John was brought to every Midas match and he learnt everything he needed.

On a fateful day, John hitched a ride to the outer cities, and on the way, he saw a cowboy-looking dude yelling like a maniac. He got off and saw the Ambush/Black Thunder fight. Never knowing that he took a liking to the poor robot and will become his own.

John took a bus back to town, since hitching rides is a quite exhausting. He returned just in time to see the Noisy Boy/Midas fight.

This made him start his career of robot boxing.

He put together a bot in Metal Valley, mostly from a basic Chaos and a Sparrer 03. The scrapbot took down numbers of other bots, making decent amount of money which would later be the fee to pay for Ambush 2.0.

Prologue (Ambush 2.0)

One day , Charlie looked at his once famous bot. He thought of having him back. Wouldn't it be amazing!


Feeling blue?

He made a bet with a local engineer. The bet was, if he beat Midas with Atom then he needs to repair Ambush for free. Midas was caught unexpected with a tiny bot and missed his grabs. Atom beat Midas after rounds of work After a week, Ambush 2.0 is ready for a fight. Charlie tested Ambush 2.0 with Bluebot. Bluebot kicked Ambush 2.0 with all his might. Bush sidestepped out of the way and decapitated Bluebot with a roundhouse.

Chapter One:The Beginning

After destroying Bluebot, Charlie fought some bots at once but he didn't go too far.

Knjb - 複製

Red AF.

Ambush 2.0 vs Zookeeper(Metro upgraded) Win Zookeeper's hammer and $10,000

Ambush 2.0 vs Blacktop Win $50,000

Ambush 2.0 vs Crimson Carnage Lose None

Ambush 2.0 vs Skar Tie None

Ambush 2.0 vs Sixshooter Win $40,000

Spar against Atom

...Knowing that Atom was the robot used to repair and upgrade Ambush to Ambush 2.0, Charlie decided to pit the robots against each other to determine which one is superior to the other.

From the beginning to the end of the battle Atom was able to withstand Ambush 2.0's abilities, only to be severely damaged. Charlie knew that Ambush 2.0's opponents will eventually find out how to defeat him.

A small portion of Charlie's recent earnings ($550,000) was used to upgrade Atom to Atom 2.0 so he will have a Boxing robot in reserve in case Ambush 2.0 is ever in need of repairs.

Chapter Two:New Owner

After some time Charlie sold Ambush 2.0 for some reason and gave Am2.0 to a guy named John Maxwell. That dude had just enough money from the undercard fights he scraped from. John took Am2.0 on a ride and sent many bots to Metal Valley.

Ambush 2.0 vs Nitro Win Nitro's head and $40,000

Ddd - 複製

You need a diet.

Ambush 2.0 vs Shogun Win $30,000

Ambush 2.0 vs Aquabot Win $20,00

Ambush 2.0 vs Midas Win $80,000 

Chapter Three:WRB

Crash palace host exhibitions all the time. Blac Jac came . His worst and last mistake is challenging Ambush 2.0. The fight was legendary, with Blac Jac limping away with broken limbs. Since then, the title of the “Golden Destroyer” is born.

Ambush 2.0 vs Gridlock Win $25,000
IMG 2567 - 複製

Spikes aren't good for your health.

Ambush 2.0 vs Fiend Win $60,000

Ambush 2.0 vs Abandon Lose None

Ambush 2.0 vs Albino Win $70,000

Ambush 2.0 vs Zeus Win $500,000

Chapter Four: Shredder

John is bored. Why? Simply because Zeus has been defeated and he fought most of the bots in Crash Palace. When he is programming Am 2.0 he got message of instructions.

Go right, Go left, Go Straight, blah blah blah blah. Fight what's there and you have 3 grands.

John followed the instructions, and just as he was accelerating on the straight road, he saw a ring of metal but no bot was to be seen. John waited for a bit, buying a Coke and a bot with custom painting and its controller came at last. "Are you the guy to fight? "said the controller, whose name is Lance, asked. John said "yep" and guided the man to the ring of metal.John learnt that bot was Shredder. The infamous bot he’ve heard on the radio.

5 minutes later, it was the bell. Ambush 2.0 was aggressive from the start, throwing roundhouses and hooks that the other bot barely dodged, and the ones that connected were enough for a thirty-hit-KO. Then Shredder ducked a hook and slammed his fist into Am 2.0's torso. Then Ambush 2.0 activated Bushwhack 2.0 and managed to get Shredder down for 7 seconds, then Shredder activated Steelfist and sent Ambush 2.0 down. Then Ambush 2.0 got up and delivered a deadly combo that would have crushed any Fragile Speedsters. Shredder retaliated with a double-fisted blow that sent Ambush 2.0 down. Then, as Am 2.0 got up, Shredder kicked him in the torso.


KO! Then Am 2.0's controller said "Good fight" and then........."Rematch 1 month later"

1 month later, The robot controllers went back to the same place where they fought before, less then 5 minutes Shredder and Am 2.0, both more powerful than ever, are in the ring fighting once more.The first round went quickly, everybody blocking each other's attacks, no one got more than a scratch.  In the second round, Shredder had the upper hand landing many hooks and jabs on Ambush 2.0.  The Final Round, Shredder used a head butt that knocked Ambush 2.0 down for 8 seconds. Ambush 2.0 used Golden Chest Slam and hit Shredder's chest with huge success. Shredder kicked Ambush 2.0 into the ropes. Shredder delivered a hook to the head but missed. Ambush 2.0 used this opportunity rolled Shredder over.  Shredder tried to get up but got a huge dent in the face in return of his effort, and is down for the count. In the end the two owner became friends and helped each other in tag teams.

Comments to the past: The first fight! Noisy Bystander joined this wiki just a few days later after me.

Chapter Five: WRBTT

The list that Lance and John worked in T.T

Shredder, Ambush 2.0 vs Crimson Carnage, Jasper win $20000 ( Starfire Arena)

Shredder, Ambush 2.0 vs Zeus, Atom lose $0 x2(WRB Main Event Ring)

Shredder,Ambush 2.0 vs Zeus, Atom rematch $70000(WRB Main Event Ring)

Shredder, Ambush 2.0 vs Hattori 2.0, Steampunk win $20000(Detroit Enlarged Ring)

Shredder, Ambush 2.0 vs Hattori 2.0, Steampunk rematch win $10000(Bing Stadium)

Shredder, Ambush 2.0 vs Abandon, Blac Jac draw $0(Detroit Enlarged Ring)

Shredder, Ambush 2.0 vs Albino, Excavator win $30000(Starfire Arena)

Shredder, Ambush 2.0 vs Jasper, Scorpio win $20000(Bing Stadium)

Chapter Six: Ravagor

Team Mech, an elite group of robot boxers. Best of the best. Time to see if they live up to their name.

Maxwell called the owner of Ravagor, Mark Hedhon for a fight. "Meet me at 76 Templar Road and bring your bot, Mark. The guy will ask you what bot code I have, mine is TheGolden1."

He saw the bot of complete destruction in the ring. In his opinion, John thought it looked buffed, and in the ring they go.

Ambush 2.0 rushed across the ring and packed a roundhouse,trying to get a quick K.O. but Ravagor ducked and did a few jabs to Am2.0's lower torso .Ravagor saw Ambush 2.0 backed off and there is a cross and a hook to the Ravagor's head. A powerful uppercut sent Am2.0 to the ropes and Ravagor started to pound the bot right away. And Round 1 ended like that. Round 2 and Round 3 are just two bot showing each bot lazy moves and lazliy dodged.But in Round 4 it became serious. Ravagor spin-fisted Am2.0 head and a powerful kick knocked his leg off. Am2.0 lays a smackdown on Ravagor and damaged Ravagor’s leg structure, a well-timed chop sent Ravagor's arm off. Both robots are in bad shape towards Round 5 but both still managed to stand.

The bell rang and both handler waited for the results...Ravagor got 80 and Ambush 2.0 got 74! 

"Dangit! Almost won that..."

Later, John got recruited into Team Mech and became one of it's core members.

Comments to the past: Entry match to Team Mech! Although it's called Global Mech now, I sometimes miss the old one... 

Chapter Seven: Destructobot

Destructobot Match.

"Destructobot is here, He has defeated everybot on the face of this earth!."

John looked up at Am2.0. John looked at the news website to see where he can fight that so-called Destructobot.

The Fawk Hedhon Memorial Park....

John drove to the park to see a really fat man. "I am gonna rip your bot apart!"John joked. The man walked away mocking John.

A huge crowd was there, cheering as usual. John spotted Blake Herman in the crowd, knowing that he’s going to go against Destructobot later.

The match had started.

Destructo started off with a One Two Overlord which Ambush 2.0 countered the second strike and activated Countercrush, but it barely did any damage. Destructo tried to hit Am 2.0 with a close range hook but Ambush dodged and jabbed the head. Then Bush tried to use Bushwhack 2.0 but got a uppercut in the face, leaving him on the ground for 6 seconds. When Am 2.0 got up, Destructobot feinted a straight right and double fisted his opponent’s chest, sending him flying to the ropes. As Ambush bounced back, Destructobot swung his arm as hard as he could. The roundhouse connected, the Golden Destroyer is finally shutdown. 

This fight inspired John that there are a lots of bots out there and he’s not exactly the best. This helped him to become a greater fighter.

Comments to the past: This comment is over in a snap.

Chapter Eight: Jones(Lore)

A stormy night that day is. The moon is high and the lights are low, perfect for crime.

Mary Maxwell ran into the alley, she has to get away from that man. She knows what will happen when he catches her. She ran on and on. Where is her god damned twin-brother when she needs him? "It's a dead end in front of ya girl, you cannot run forever." The man in black slowly moving towards her. Mary hugged herself tighter " can't touch me,'s again the law!" The man horribly close, she smell his breath on her face. "Well, the law won't Stop me, keep still or I'll force you." "Please no! I beg you! Stop now! Get away from me! Please! Nooo....." The wailing turned into begging, turned into sobbing, than, until nothing was heard again.

It was John who found her sister, barely wearing anything. Her beauty is her curse. He knew it’s his fault, making way too much enemies outside. He knew it’s his fault, making his sister gone mad.

He knew it was Jack Jones, when his sister described him in the short moments where she is sane. But evidence just isn’t enough.

So John has to do the dirty work.

He raided Jones mansion. John walked straight in the front door, covering himself with a mask and armed with a brass knuckle. The lone guard swung his switchblade, John ducked and punched his gut. Ignoring the pain, the guard tried to stab him in the shoulder, only to get countered and elbowed in the face. A roundhouse with the unarmed fist knocked out the guard.

Except a few annoying guards, all is going well, until Jones showed up with a gun. “Reveal yourself!” he cried as he pulled the trigger. John ducked behind the bedroom door as a bullet whizzed next to him. He peeked out from the door, Jones made him hide again, but John already saw the gun. “Classic Desert Eagle, 7 shots mag…” Another bullet missed John, “…4 shots left.” At that moment, Jones decided to be brave and rushed into the room. Those 2 shots barely missed as John rolled into cover. “2 shots.” John thought to himself. He tossed a pillow as Jones. Reacting like a normal gun-wielding guy, he shot the pillow. He fired at John when he went out of cover, but bounced off his brass knuckle.

John grinned, “No shots left.”

John sprinted across the room and smacked Jones’ face with his palm. He aimed a blow at his face again but Jones sidestepped and struck John with the hilt of his gun, breaking the bone of his shoulder. Howling in pain, John tried to give chase, but his broken shoulder is such a burden. By the time he recovered, Jones was long gone.

And that makes John Maxwell’s blood boil.

Comments to the past: Eh.

Chapter Nine: (Lore)

Coming soon!

Comments to the past: To lazy to do it :P

Chapter Ten: The Rock

John was sleeping when a phone called. " Meet me at The Zoo if

your bot needs some fun!" said the other side of the phone.

So John did that and met a confident looking guy at the Zoo. He remembered him as a rising star of robot boxing and is quite popular. “So, you ready to fight my bot Earth?” “Never better, what’s to price?” “I’ll bet you 200K.”

And in less than 5 minutes they’re in the ring. Ambush 2.0 dodged a huge, slow, roundhouse with ease. Earth tried to hit Ambush 2.0 but he is too fast for him. Ambush 2.0 did an uppercut followed with a roundhouse. Earth managed to land a few jab but he was knocked out. John showed off but Earth has rised, even worse he ripped off Ambush 2.0 left arm. Earth pinned Ambush 2.0 and dented the lower chest.When Earth performs the finisher Ambush 2.0 dodged and knocked him over, and stomped on Earth power core as he tried to get up, but not before Ambush 2.0 made a huge dent in his face. Ambush 2.0 kicked at Earth again but Earth grabbed Ambush 2.0 leg which cause him to fall. the count started and if both of em failed that means a draw. Ambush 2.0 got up at 9 secs and Earth got up at 13 secs. Ambush 2.0 wins!

John wiped the sweat off his face. “Well, that was close. You almost beat me” “So…can I add you to my contacts?” “Feel free.”

Comments to the past: Good old LLP, became one of my closer partners.

Chapter Eleven: Oh hi, Blastjab!

John was buying some parts for Ambush when someone texted him. Raf Kent! The owner of Earth. Raf asked if John be his partner in a Tag Team Tournament in Alaska, cuz 1 of his stolen bots, Blac Jac 3.0 are there. John accepted. John met Raf at the airport with a bot named BlastJab. They flew to Alaska, right before the registration ended. The next day.."Fight day! Wake up!" John tried to wake Raf up. " Oh O.K...." as Raf lazily woke up. the morning after, John was training Ambush 2.0 before Raf came. "Time to go." Raf said. "OK, wait,", said John while packing. They went to the place, and stuff. The participants are:

Blac Jac 3.0 and S.T.R.I.P.E

Game Over and Scramble

Midas 2.0 and Phantom Albino

Koutetsu and Antares

Jump and Run

Twin Cities and Excavator

Prone and Villain

Rush and No Time

Cardinal Chaos and Nitro

Camelot and One Eyed Jack

Songs and Gimlet

Shogun and Insurgency Axelrod

Bro and Freeze!

I.M.O.U.T.O.F.I.D.E.A.S and O.H.W.A.I.T.I.G.O.T.O.N.E.

Never and EndBreaker

BlastJab and Ambush 2.0

Their first opponents are Never and End Breaker

Never Jumped High in the air and was flinged by End Breaker, did an epic somersault and kicked Ambush 2.0. Ambush struggled to get up, but BlastJab threw Endpreaker at never, and Ambush. Ambush then jumped on Never and punched his head till it gets decapitated. End Breaker ran to the edge of the ring. "BAD MOVE!" shouted Raf. BlastJab did a Thrust Punch, killing End Breaker.

Their next opponents are Bro and Freeze....

Bro ran and pushed BlastJab over to Ambush. Ambush dodged and ran at Freeze to do a Golden Chestslam. He pulled out both of Freeze's arm and killed him. John looked at BlastJab which cut Bro into half.

They will have to fight Shogun and Axelrod next.

Axelrod jumped up to attack Ambush, but BlastJab ducked and flung his head at Axelrod's midsection, cutting it in half. Ambush ran to Shogun and did a Temple punch combo. Result: Decapitation.

Their final match. Jackie and Stripe vs Ambush 2.0 and BlastJab.

Jackie charged to BlastJab, Ambush charged Stripe. Stripe tried to uppercut and decapitate Ambush but Ambush hit Stripe in the mid, and attacked Stripe. But Stripe punched him. Ambush fell down headfirst. So did Blac Jac at the same time. The count for them started, and BlastJab uppercut Stripe really hard, decapitating him. Stripe though, has function to stay alive for 2 mins after decapitation. Stripe now tries to kill Blast Jab. 3!2!1! the Bell for BlacJac and Ambush is almost out, but Blast takes and pulls the energy core of Stripe, killing t and disqualificating their team. Raf and John wins! They told the cops that Blac Jac is theirs, with evidence, so the cops arrested the stealer.

Chapter Twelve: God of Death

The members of Team Mech has always pressured the Japanese couple, Keiichi Akamine and Yuko Sakurai. And they did, with some interesting result. The name Thanatos almost struck as hard to other bot handlers compared to Ambush 2.0.

Time for a match-up.

John called Keiichi to bring his bot to Crash Palace, where there are no restrictions and where they can truly unleash the true power of their bots. They took a ten minutes match.

A yell from the commentor and the show is on! Thanatos, being quicker, landed the first punch on Ambush 2.0's shoulder. Ambush ignored and dished out a Supestes combo, getting pretty good results until Thanatos countered the overhead slam and double-fisted Ambush 2.0 into the corner. Thanatos wanted to use the advantage but never saw the Bushwhack 2.0 that knocked him to the ropes. Ambush 2.0 started pounding on Thanatos but gets cut short by a Life Taker from Thanatos. Luckily, it didn't penetrate, but it did made a huge dent in the chest and pushed Ambush back to middle range. From then on it's just waves and waves of punches from the bots. None can overpower each other. Keiichi's bot have slightly higher stats than Ambush 2.0 but John used his experience and skill to neutralise that out. By the end of the match, both are heavily damaged. Thanatos has significantly more scratches but Ambush 2.0 has deeper dents. Since both mechs aren't able to take down each other, the match is counted as a draw.

Comments to the past: Forgot to write about this.

Chapter Thirteen: The AOBC(The Annual Overworld Boxing Championships) Part 1

John received a Letter From the Annual Overworld Boxing Championship which Said:

" Mr Maxwell Your Bot Ambush 2.0 is Participating in The AOBC(The Annual Over World Boxing Championship) if you said yes or other thing your bot will participate in a Knockout Event and if you decline your bot will be disqualified. The prize is $30 000 000 and a Ticket to Spain,Brazil India even Indonesia."

Are You In?"

John replied"Of couse why not?!" and sent to AOBC

John found out he will be aganist his best friend......Lance!

Within twenty minutes the duo are in the ring once more.

Ambush 2.0 slowly moved towards the Shred-O-matic. All of a sudden Shredder charged and put the Golden Destroyer on his butt. Am2.0 quickly got back on his feet and punched Shredder in the face. Shredder backed of and got a few more whacks. Lance shouted"I love your pancakes Ambush!' Shredder repiled Ambush 2.0 with Scenemaker. Ambush 2.0 almost went down, and used his Supestes-combo. After the first round, the second, third and fourth round are boring and pretty pointless. Until the fifth round.......Shredder ducked a hook and slammed his fist into one of Am2.0's the shoulder hydlaulics, spraying fluid everywhere. Am2.0 sent a stunning uppercut to Shredder's head. Shredder delivered amd Triple Strike. Then, Shredder used Steel fist , sending Am2.0 staggering. However, Shredder was overenthusiastic during the mop-up and failed to duck the roundhouse ,then kicked Ambush into his corner. Before Ambush 2.0 could recover, Shredder surged forward smashed Am2.0's arm. Ambush layed a smackdown. Shredder got up and stunned Ambush 2.0 with a huge right, just as he was going to decap Bush's right arm the bell rung. The first judge said 68-67, judge two said 67-69, three said 65-66 and the winner, is----------Ambush, 2.0!!!

After the fight, the two friends met.

John"Hey, great fight there."

Lance"Ha, you are so lucky!"

John"I know a new restaurant have been opened nearby."

Lance"Hee hee, you pay the bill then."

John"Oh all right."

(Later Brutal Barista dumped the food on John's head)

Comments to the past: First tournment ever made on this wiki.

Chapter Thirteen: Catching Bandits

John was playing "Adventure quest worlds" when he saw an ad. "Bandit is looking to fight! Can your bot be a worthy warrior? Please go to the FSA!" John went to the Flame Sparkle Arena AT ONCE.

He arrived just in time to see the 7th bot getting carried out of the arena in pieces. He spotted the so-called Marauder Bot and his handler, James Lighting. Time to see if Bandit really lives up to his name.

Round 1 started. Ambush  2.0 is quite jumpy and Bandit is light on his feet as well. A lot feints are involved, trying to provoke the other, trying to see through their opponents's moves and weaknesses. 

Round 2 is a tad bit more interesting. Both played it safe, exchanging jabs and hooks. One attacked and the other defended, like it's all just stage combat.

Round 3 is the one worth noticing. The round started off with Ambush 2.0 charging at Bandit, which Bandit dodged easily, but Ambush predicted that. He spun around and suprised Bandit a quick elbow. The hit connected, but gave Bandit an opportunity to pin his arm. Pinned, Ambush tried to break out of the lock, but Bandit is never easy. He gave Bush a fine pounding in the right arm and even threw in a Shoulder breaker in it. But Ambush used his free arm for a solid roundhouse and started the Supestes combo. All the strikes hit pefectly, but since the right arm has been damaged, it didn't do as much damage as it used to be.

Round 3 might be intense, but Round 4 is the decider, with Ambush 2.0's barrage of fists and Bandit's dodge-and-punches. Ambush activated Stealth Mode and Bandit activated Marauder Mode. They went up face to face and started an all-out brawl, ignoring the opponent and only focused on dishing as much punches as possible. Ambush saw an opening and grabbed Bandit, raising him high over his head, really to slam him down. But Bandit's previous Shoulder Breaker wasn't in vain, Am2.0's arm broke under the weight of Bandit. Without an arm, Ambush is overpowered by Bandit's weight and fell. Both bots landed hard, and both unable to get up after ten counts. The match is counted as a draw.

Comments to the past: Haven't played AQW for a long time. 

Chapter Fourteen: The AOBC(The Annual Overworld Boxing Championships) Part 2

After a few days, John recived the next fight of AOBC. Overkill

.....After some time

Ambush 2.0 and Overkill. Although both are highly trained and skilled, none can be lucky with dents and scatches. It seems that Overkill is pwning Ambush 2.0 all the time(by the scanner)."If that guy keeps doing that I am going to lose!"John thought to himself after the fourth round. Ambush looks like that he is being fighting for his life, so does Overkill. The fifth round begun. Overkill scanned Ambush and found a weakness in the chest, and dented it hard. "Come on! I got to predict where he is going to hit and find his weakness before that guy does!!!" thought John. Then John saw the dent on his bot's chest, and predicted Overkill it going to hit there. Overkill is ready to punch but Ambush uppercutted him first. Overkill raised his fist again, but Ambush used a combo, and starts to smash Overkill's face. Overkill tried to counter but John predicted every move. Am2.0 landed punch after punch on the head. A headbutt put Overkill to the corner. Ambush started to Chest-Slam Overkill non-stop. Overkill didn't even have a chance to get away. With a final uppercut, Ambush 2.0 layed the Robot Executioner down for good.

Comments to the past: Overkilled. Now it's Gigakilled.

Chapter Fifteen: Who's the Showoff here?!

John is playing AQ again and saw an ad"The Rising Star, Showoff, beats up MIDAS!!!!!" "Hmmm, looks like I can have some fun........"And he sent a message to the owner of Showoff, Taylor Srinwest "I invite you to a fight with Ambush 2.0, go to Crash Palace and Finn will tell you everything. Winner gets $30000, loser gets $10000. Seeya"

Taylor replied "Ok". as he sent that. He was listening while Finn was talking"Oh yeah, the dude said he wants a fight with you, but man, he decapitated Ravagor(The arm and the foot) himself." Finn anounced "Ladies and Gentlemen, The Ultra Superhero, Ambush 2.0!" Everyone clapped, yelled, and cheered for him. "And The Piston Pinner, Showoff!" Everyone did the same, but a little bit lowered. "Beat him up for Midas" whispered Artie Bakker to John, "Gladly." As few taps on his controller activated Standard G3, Ambush 2.0 changed to his fighting stance, so as Showoff. The bell rings.

As the bots charged at each other, Showoff readied for a jab combo, Ambush 2.0 jabs but Showoff instantly dodges then does the jab combo, Ambush 2.0 realized he can pull off Showoff's arm, he executes this but just wastes him time, as Showoff has custom built joints that distributes the force exerted in his arm. Showoff gets Ambush off him and uses his new move he calls "The Showing Gatling" where he puts his enemy to a corner then continously punches him with his piston fists, Ambush pays Showoff back with "Golden Chest-Slam" and the bell rung.

As the bell rings, Ambush 2.0 landed a uppercut and a jab combo at Showoff, he makes him pay again by knocking him down by a blow in the torso, then uses "The Fist Command". He was down for 5 seconds, but Ambush dodges the punch and uses his special move, "Bushwhack 2.0", Showoff was pinned down but as he gets up he continously gets kicked in the head and Showoff loses. Showoff's owner accepts his and walks to John and says "Man, good fight, by the way my name is Taylor." John talks and says "Yeah, great fight, my name is John." They walk in their seperate ways and John gets ready for an another match.

Comments to the past: This guy's a great writer.

Chapter Sixteen: Bunker busted

John had just heard his best friend, Lance had a good day at the UW, so he decided to try the UW once more and he met Bunker Buster.

"Yo, Skysteam, up for a match with BB?"

"Am2.0 is gonna get Pwned!"

"Ding Ding!"

The match started, Ambush 2.0 ran straight towards Bunker. Am2.0 prepares to perform a roundhouse but Bunker stepped forward and gave Am2.0 a straight punch to the chest. Am2.0 blocked it but the force is too big, causing Am2.0 flew halfway across the ring. Ambush 2.0 stood up and Bunker Buster is landing bombs on him. Ambush tossed and turned like a child, and gave B.B an uppercut. Then a Bushwhack ended the first round. Then it is just rounds of custom moves storm. At the last, Bunker Buster charged up his Rocket Punch, John parried with an powerful uppercut, forcing BB to use his own momentum to lead him upwards, Am2.0 swung too hard too and flew too. Luckily for Bunker, he's heavy, so he didn't fly out of the ring, unlike Ambush 2.0. Bunker Buster wins!

Comments to the past: I saw this as a draw until I checked the Free-for-all-voting-system history. Turns out I lost. So I changed the story. Sorry for that.

Chapter Seventeen: Megalo Showdown

"No! Don't!" "Calm down sis! It's okay, it's okay." John sighed, years and she's still the same. "Don't let that man touch me, please.""He won't touch you, he's my friend!" John glanced at Taylor. Taylor shrugged "Well, I might, rah!" Taylor pretended to bite her like a T-Rex. Mary shieked and hid under her bed."Ah Come on!" "Sorry" replied Taylor. John listened to the radio, it's the same crap everyday. "What happened to her?" asked Lance, who was leaning on the wall. John turned around, a dark look on his face. "Dude called Jones, but we didn't have enough evidence." "...And, Jack Jones won Zeus 3.0 by $1000000 bucks!..." wheezed the TV. "That guy?" L and T both asked. John looked at the TV, a man, ugly and black haired, "Yes, Zeus 3.0 eh? Don't worry, papa Bush will take care of you." "What do you mean, Papa?" A wad of paper hit John on the face. The man on the TV was standing on the door. "Jones, what are you doing here?" John demanded, pure hatred shot from his eyes. "Nothing, just to see your little sister." The man walked to Mary. "Hey, girl, wanna have fun again?" Mary screamed and ran to John. "Don't let him touch me!" With a bull lIke roar, John charged faster than a pig to a fruit cake (not the best simile). But Jack was faster, he blocked the right hook and returned a swift uppercut. John stumbled. "Ha! You ain't a match for me! Go and take care of your mad sister!" laughing, Jack walked away. John quickly got up and tried to pursue. L and T held him back. "Let me go!"  "Dude! You cannot fight him!" "Yeah man, you might wanna punch him. If you do, you might get in prison. Can you protect your sister in prison?" John stopped instantly. He looked at his sister, shaking in the corner. He calmed down, sat on the bed. L and T felt and aura of darkness surrounding them. "Get me my god damned phone."

The Bakkers got the message and were hyped for a fight of the ages. The crowd cheering and yelling in front of the arena, from the sounds, it seems like there are more Zeus fans than Bush fans. Leon grinned to the stage lights and people. The crowd are mostly bot-fighters too, including Yuko herself. Ambush 2.0 stormed onto the stage, without it's normal taunt. John shuffled to the side of the arena, dressed in black. His stare is like ice daggers and his experssion murderous. "For my sister!" he thought to himself. In this battle, it's either killing a legend or make one.


Sweat rained from his neck like raindrops. "How is this possible!" since the last Zeus, Maxwell felt no one can ever stop him, yet it's still the Zeus putting weight on him. It cut off all his combos, dented almost every inch of Bush's armor and put so much stress on Bush it couldn't even fight back. Unless...

The bell for round 4 ended, Ambush 2.0 barely pulled through all that punishment. No flaws, no weakness. That Zeus 3.0 is no good. Round 5 is on and Ambush charged towards Zeus 3.0, raining punches, but Zeus 3.0 simply blocked them without a sweat. Little does John know, Jones is as equally worried. Jack is biting his fingernails, that Bush 2.0 bot is too fast, auto-fight is good but not enough to take him down. Hand controlling? He's no pro. 

Round 5 started. Ambush 2.0 started off with a bull-charge at Zeus 3.0, trying to double-fist him. Zeus 3.0 dodged easily, pushed Am2.0 into the corner and started the same pattern again, only this time Ambush 2.0 didn't slip out of the corner. "This shall lay him down for good!" Jack thought, but John had a plan. Ambush 2.0 exposed his arm on purpose. Zeus 3.0, being programmed to fight, grabbed and locked it. But the King of Robots is never programmed for a bot that would sacrifice itself for damaging the other bot. Ambush 2.0 pushed away the other arm of Zeus and attacked the wide-open chest. Zeus tried to stop him, but his long and bulky arm is just crappy for close range attacks. Within moments, the arm penetrated Zeus 3.0. Ambush 2.0 held Zeus up, and threw him down like trash. Pieces of the King littered across the arena. 

"And now, for my sis...." John thought as he stared and the horrified Jones. Jones is shocked and unaware of the aproaching menace. He felt a gentle tap on his shoulder. "Come, let me show you something." 

It's on the newpaper, it's on the Tv. The infamous millionaire Jack Jones is missing. Some said he hid from the world, some said he got kidnapped, but Mark Hedhon knew better. "So, what have you done to him?" "I took him on a ride, with my sis, and did some diving" "And?" "Sweet 1000m jump." "Be serious, what happened to him?" "Let's just say he's sleeping with the fishes".  

Chapter Eighteen: Eruption

John has been helping to take care of Crash Palace when Artie Bakker left for some of his illegal deals, again. All main events are supervised by him, but John noticed something different latetly. In nearly every match involved a bot named Volcano, and in every match Volcano won. John got very interested. That fighting style is very familiar….

He wasn’t surprised when he discovered the handler is Raymond Santiago, a part-time GM member. He helped to fight Gamma. Twister is still in repair at the Ebot workshops, so that’s why Raymond’s been using Volcano.

“Put up a good fight, and you’ll be a full-time mech member.”

In the ring, with old Finn in the ring, yelling into the mic.

"Erupting from the bottom of the planet, the Lava Lord has come to send another bot to the junkyard , introducing our challenger, Voooo-lcano!"

“Reborn from ashes, relived his legend. Heir to the throne of the Crash Palace. Please welcome the Golden Destroyer, Ambush 2.0!”

Ambush 2.0 swung a big heavy roundhouse, aiming for the head. Volcano weaved out of the way and did a left blow to the lower torso then another left to the head. Am2.0 blocked an incoming shoulder bash and returned an right uppercut. The bots circled each other. It was Volcano who made the first move, a double-fisted blow straight for the head, his opponent ducked and headbutted him in the chest. The golden bot wrapped Volcano’s waist with his arms and lifted him into the air. As Ambush is just about bring him down, Volcano buried his knee in Ambush’s face, forcing him to loosen his grip on the Lava Lord. With his feet on the ground, a well-timed Fiery Flash penetrated Ambush’sfuel tank, fluid burst everywhere and sent him down for 8 seconds. John knew he had to take Volcano down before fuel ran out. As Am2.0 got up, Volcano did a One Two, both got blocked. Getting frustrated, Volcano pulled off a big uppercut. Ambush 2.0 blocked it and using the force of the uppercut, jumped high into the air, and brought down the pain, stunning Volcano. Ambush 2.0, having learnt his lesson, grabbed Volcano by the legs instead and smashed him into the steel ropes, snapping his spinal structure in two, Volcano fell life-lessly to the ground. Just as Ambush about to do his taunt, fuel ran out, and he flopped to the floor.

Although he won the match, it took a toll of THREE months, not even the Ravagor fight cost Ambush 2.0 that much repairing. 

Chapter Nineteen: Flowers and rhinos

A lone man rode in Mongolia, leaving a trail of sand behind him. Artie Bakker has told him his mother’s a Mongol, belonging to the Huei tribe. John, being John, finally went on a trip to the land of his mother. No horse is faster than Ambush 2.0, John has him modified for this trip. And parts are sand-proof and has a built in nuclear reactor, these will be later replaced. Also, a seat on Ambush 2.0’s shoulder, letting John to ride him.

He met a few sheep-herds on the way. People from all over the world went to Crash Palace, one of Artie’s follower’s a Mongol, and seeing John favored by Artie, he taught him Mongolian. The sheepherds told him there’s a tribe war, with the Huei losing to their rival and falling to the east.

Without a plan, John can only go to east. He traveled without an end.

As water’s about to run out, he discovered a river, as wide as 3 grown men. Feeling extremely grateful for himself, he danced up and down, filling himself and Ambush’s water tank to the brim.

He followed the river and waked. The river slowly expanded, going around the high lands. John froze.

Putting a waterfall in the desert is the most wonderful idea ever.

The waterfall connected to a lake. It’s a long time since he swam. About to jump into the lake, a head peeked out of the water. It saw John, shrieked in surprise, and went back underwater again.

At that moment, John saw the most beautiful girl in the world, far more pretty than Taylor Swift.

“No one could be that pretty! Nymphs, mermaids, are those legends real?!”

He saw a line of water tracing to the other side of the lake, the head of the girl peeked from the bush. The gaps in the bush revealed skin as white as snow, dark hair laid across the lake, her eyes are as bright as the stars, staring at him. Judging by her look, she seems about the same age as John.

“What are you doing here?” she spoke in Mongolian. John heard her beautiful voice, but didn’t react. He just stared. “Go away, I need to change!” John blushed like the red train in “Thomas and friends” “It’s just a normal Mongolian girl? Yet I still watched her bathe naked?” he thought to himself, feeling ashamed, wanting to flee. But should he still ask her about the Huei? He can’t decide in all of a sudden. Just in that moment, the girl sang:

“Brother blondie please return. Why fleeing so fast? Mouth shutting tight? Peeking when I bathe, is that really right?”

Hearing she’s being cheeky instead of being mad, he slowly returned to the side of the lake. He repiled, “I was thirsty, and I saw the river. I didn’t know you’re here. I’m sorry.” The girl smiled, as though it’s funny. “I’m looking for the Huei tribe. Do you know where is it?” The girl looked at him, curious, “Are you Huei?” John showed her the tatoo of the Huei his unseen mother gave him, it’s a picture of a camel. The girl clapped her hands “Great! I’m Huei too! You’re the first blonde Huei tribe member! Let’s travel together.”

She saw Ambush 2.0 and got scared for a moment, but later laughed. They rode together. One on a horse, one on a robot. When they chatted, John only thought she is too naïve and pure for her age.

Almost to midnight. The girl looked at the nearby cliff, and let out a cheer. John followed her eyes, and saw two flowers, big as bowl, jade like petals.

“That’s the rare Snow Lily, smell it!” even though they are so faraway, they can still smell the rare flower. The girl looked at them with longing eyes, “Let’s go.”  she said. John grinned and Ambush 2.0 started working. “Hey! What are you doing!” The girl yelled as Ambush 2.0 started to climb the steep.

Focusing on Ambush 2.0, John didn’t hear the girl’s yells, he had no insurance that Ambush 2.0 can climb, but he did it anyway, using both legs and arms. The cliff is filled with ice, Ambush almost fell, but is saved by his pistons. When they are close, John took out the brass knuckle. He jumped and punch as hard as he could. The brass knuckle sank into the rock and John hung there. He reached out his remaining arm to pluck the lily.

Going down is easier than it looks, Ambush 2.0 caught John in his fall, and slided down to the bottom. John landed in front of the girl, he smiled when he gave the flowers to her, “For you.”

When she took them, John see her hands shaking, drops of tears landed on her flowers. John didn’t understand, but didn’t ask as well.

They didn’t speak to each other on the way. Night has fallen. The girl set up a fire. She grinned from ear to ear, and asked John, “Are you not afraid of falling?” “Nah, never thought about. Only afraid of not getting the flowers you loved.” The girl smiled, and gave one of the flowers to him. John wondered what would his friends say if they see him like this.

“You must very good at climbing.” “Not really, everyone can do it if they are a bit braver.” The girl didn’t know he’s being modest. “Ah, you are so brave.” she repiled.

John took her back to the tribe. The guards bowed to greet the girls. The girl said something, the guards say to John “Thank you, my brother!”, leaving John befuddled.

The girl seems like she had a place in the tribe, people cheered whenever she go. People looked at John weird, his blonde hair and Ambush 2.0 behind him. Wanting to know more about his mother, John personally requested to meet the chief. The leader of guards smiled, “The chief is busy right now, but you can see him tonight in the Chou Lang meeting.”

(Notes: In some tribes of Mongolia, they will have the Chou Lang meeting once a year. It’s basically a party where people propose to their lover, but from the girls instead of the boys. The girls wear a silk band around their waist and choose a boy in the crowd. The girl gave the band to the boy. To say yes to the girl, the boy will dance with her to show his love.)

After night fell, the leader of guards grabbed John’s hand “The moon is out, come, my brother.”

They went out to the plains, where a huge bonfire is laid. The chief walked into view, followed by a girl-----the very one John met. “So she’s the chief’s daughter!” he thought. “Let the event begin!” The chief said with a booming voice.

In the music, songs are sang, food consumed. Rice, melons and meat are all here. John took one, and it tasted salty. He hung out with friends all over the world, but never an experience like this.

Young ladies danced among the bonfire, wrapping their silk bands around their lovers necks, and danced on. Many young couples danced together.

The music suddenly stopped, then played on more intensely.

Curious looks are shot at the beautiful girl, even the chief is shocked and happy for her at the same time. Eyes are on her, who would she pick?

She spun around lightly, following the curve of the bonfire, band in her hands. She sang softly,

“The one who peeked me bathe, I’m not blaming on you! The one who gave me flowers, I’m searching for you!”

At that precise moment, the warning horns of the tribe is blown. Their enemy, the Manchu tribe, has arrived. The men took their blade, but the people in far too few to be a raid.

The messenger of the Manchu met the chief. “Are you the chief?” he said in a cocky way. The Manchu invaded their tribe for no reason, killing and burning down their houses, the Huei hated them already.

The chief got back into the tent to discuss matters with the messenger. Since the girl already proposed to John, and since the girl is the daughter of the chief, he's invited inside to. The girl sat next to John leaned on his shoulder. He can feel her soft body on his shoulder, the smell of flowers invaded his nose. Is he dreaming? Or is he is heaven? He don't really know. John barely listened to the chief's conversation. He could make out “Challenge”, “Coward”, “Rhino”….Rhino?

The messenger spoke loudly, everyone can hear him now “Anyone that dares to challenge the rhino? Any bit of your pathetic weapons and machines are allowed!” No one dared.

The chief is biting his fingernails, if no one dares, the tribe will have no honor left. Just as the chief is about to challenge the rhino, a voice called out “I shall challenge the rhino.”

It was John who said that. The messenger stared at him. Seeing he;s blonde hair, he laughed, “Who do you think you are, blondie?” “I’m half Mongolian, but even a half Huei can squish your miserable rhino.” “What weapons you possess, half-Huei?” “This!”

Ambush 2.0 moved from his corner and taunted him. The messenger is undaunted. “Okay, but no-one, including your metal giant, is a match for our holy rhino!”

The crowd surrounded the pit, beast fights are held here, but the beasts today is a robot and a rhino. The rhino is indeed huge, twice Ambush’s size. The girl watched, believing her lover. If he says he can beat it, than it’s true. But John is the total opposite, a date with death!

With a roar, the rhino charged like crashing thunder, looking very intimidating. Ambush 2.0 jumped out of the way and punched the rhino’s stomach. Nothing happened, of course. After plowing down a side of the pit, the rhino began it’s second attack. The rhino swung it’s head around, trying to hit Ambush. Ambush dodged a few, but a mighty strike to the chest sent him flying to the wall. Ambush landed hard, destroying most of the plating on his back. The rhino charged straight for Ambush again in all its glory. With nowhere to run, John took the only option-----up. The brute is stunned when it discovered it’s rival disappeared, and suddenly, felt something around its neck. Ambush tried to headlock the rhino, but the neck is too thick and he can’t reach the air trachea at all. The rhino tried to get him off its back, but it’s not easy once the Golden Destroyer got a grip. John tried to find a weak spot, but it’s just not possible to put the rhino down by punches.

Then he caught sight of it’s glorious horn.

Pistons are at work, the rhino is getting wilder and wilder, but ivory is no match for solid steel. Within minutes, the horn fell to the ground.

The rhino swung him off eventually, making him land on the ground heavily once again. Ambush dodged waves and waves of rhino attack, but at the end of the day, Ambush 2.0 is not invincible. A solid charge connected and sent him crashing to the wall. The rhino glared for a moment, it stood on it’s hind legs, and stomped on Ambush. Just as the stomp connected, Stealth Mode is activated, not for Stealth, but pure power. Ambush 2.0 fists held the 8 ton steak up. The rhino, losing it’s balance, fell to the ground. Ambush 2.0 quickly grabbed the broken off horn and stabbed the rhino multiple times, ending the rhino’s life.

The Huei cheered, with the Manchu leaving in disgust. The Huei treated him like a war hero, even the chief congratulated John himself. But none mattered more than the girl hugging him. At that moment, nothing is as important as her.

The girl stared at him lovingly, and said,

“You still owe me a dance.”   

Comments: The girl’s name is Sayinaral Qayag, but not revealing in this chapter. Doesn’t relate to Real Steel a lot, but I felt like writing it. Idea came from Jin Yong.

Chapter Twenty: The floor is lava

Just as John returned from Mongolia, he discovered an interesting E-mail. The message is from Jack Henderson, owner of Doomfire. The message is simple “Come to my arena, bring Ambush 2.0.” John shuddered, Doomfire is a bot from the last generation, famous even before Ambush 2.0 is built, not even Bunker Buster has suceeded in defeating him. The arena? Legend says it’s filled with flame, burning everybot in the way, hence the name of Doomfire.

John drove to the address Jack sent him, along with Sayinaral Qayag, who wanted to see Am2.0 in action. They met a plump man which lead John into position. The arena isn’t special except for some werid holes on the ground.  A black bot with an orange glow stood in the arena. Time to challenge hell itself.

The fight started, Ambush 2.0 did two left-handed jabs followed by a right hook. The jabs connected, but Doomfire sidestepped away and did a rotating roundhouse. Am2.0 tried to grab Doomfire but got rejected by a straight right. The fight is obviously a stalemate, both bots failing to get a heavy hit to their rival---until the hole released a pillar of flame, catching Ambush 2.0 right in it. Without a doubt, Doomfire advanced, bursting into flames himself. Turbo Rage online. John panicked and Am2.0 suffered the wrath of burning punches. “So that’s where the legends come from!” The holes of the arena are all replaced by columns of fire, it’s truly hell!

Taunting, The King of Hell aproached Am2.0 and used Nether Uppercut, but Bush activated Countercrush and elbowed him right in the face. Stunned, Doomfire stumbled back. John quickly did a scan on Ambush 2.0, the flames has left Bush smoldering, but no main components are damaged, thanks to the advanced cooling system. The Golden Destroyer charged and exchanged blows with Doomfire. It’s still a stalemate, but at least punches are now connecting. But it seems Ambush 2.0’s punches are a bit slower, what’s happening? Maxwell checked the power left in Ambush 2.0, 32 percent? The power percentage is draining rapidly. Looking at the flaming Doomfire, he understood at once-----the system is draining power to cool down itself! He had to finish the fight quick or Bush would be a sitting duck.

Distracted by thought, Doomfire carried the Golden bot into the flames. 20 percent. Trapped in the corner, Ambush has no choice but to take in a few punchs. Doomfire did a charged heavy but gave Bush the chance he needed, 7 percent left. That moment, the Watcher decided to end this and did a Fiery Meteor Slam.

That’s the one move Ambush 2.0 is waiting for.

Rerouting all of the remaining power to the right arm, Ambush 2.0 did a big scimitar right. In mid-air, Doomfire had nowhere to stand his ground and nowhere to dodge. He flew across the ring and his back crashed against the steel wall. “1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7! 8! 9! 10!” Doomfire is knocked out cold. John checked Ambush 2.0 again, only a measly 2 percent remained, very close match. Now that’s his definition of a heated battle.   

Chapter Twenty-One: The wrath of Odin

John has been observing the one robot named Ragnorak since the R0-t incident. Of course, he was surprised that Ragnorak beat Twister, very very interesting…But he wasn’t mad that Ragnorak humiliated Global Mech, he was excited. He’ve never had this feeling since he fought Shredder. Picking up his phone, he contacted Janise Keri, the owner and handler of Ragnorak. It went straight to voice mail “Meet me at Crash Palace, 3 o’clock. Judgment from Ambush 2.0 will be waiting you there.”

Time to see Ragnorak if he’s worthy of his fame.

Later, he saw a girl on the opposite side of the Crash Palace ring. She’s pretty, but not that noticeable when you have the most beautiful girl in all of Mongolia as a fiance .

“The Norse Destructor, the Robot Scrapper, Ragnorak!”

The crowd cheered, by defeating Twister, Ragnorak has recently became a favourite of the fans of the Underworld.

“The Lord of Maximum Destruction, his heir to the throne of Crash Palace, here stands the Golden Destroyer, Ambush 2.0!”

The crowd cheered a bit louder.

The Golden Destroyer opposed The Norse Destructor. Ragnorak did a haf-hearted jab, and was surprised it connected. He did another one, Ambush 2,0 did a weak attempt at a block. Seeing the opponent is not as good as she expected, Janise used Minotaurus, wanting to finish this quickly. Just as the fists connected, Ambush 2.0 ducked, spun around and landed a vicious backhand onto Ragnorak’s head. John is impressed how quickly Janise reorganised her tactics. Ragnorak did a straight right. Ambush dodged and repiled with with a hook. Ragnorak quickly countered and uppercutted Ambush. As Bush retreated, Ragnorak advanced by using Sledge Fist and did a right roundhouse at Am2.0 ‘s head. Sledge fist connected, but Ambush crouched, dodging the roundhouse easily and double fisted Ragnorak’s lower torso. Ragnorak flew back and crashed against the steel ropes. Then Ambush 2.0 walked up and did a Classic Chestslam, with the headbutt knocking Ragnorak out for 6 seconds. John smirked, she may be talented and have better stats, but she overestimated herself on experience and skill.

But John forgot it was HIM who challenged Ragnorak a bit eariler.     

Ready to end the match, Ragnorak activated Overdrive. Suprsied by the sudden speed boost, Ambush 2.0 is damaged by serveral hits, it’s enough to badly damage him. Quickly, John activated Stealth Mode and Ambush disappeared on the spot. Thinking Ambush 2.0 would go around her, Janise made Ragnorak spin around, trying not to expose the back. Little does Janise, Ambush 2.0 is simply hanging in the corner, waiting for the perfect oppurtunity. After a moment, Ragnorak decided to stop, since it’s using too much fuel for spinning.

At that precise moment, A fist penetrated from the back.

Ambush 2.0’s hand closed around the PSI core, and pulled it out. “No!” cried Janise. John gave her a smug look, relying on that PSI core too much has made her slow. Ragnorak, still fuctional with his second core, put up a good fight, but Ambush 2.0 knocked him out cold with a roundhouse kick to the chest.

Impressed, John offered to fix Janise’s bot for her. Janise gladly accepted------after slapping John in the face.

Chapter Twenty-Two: The Retirement of a Legend

To whoever it may concern,

Greetings, fellow Global Mech members. Today, I'm announcing my official retirement. I would like to inform you people I'll be retiring effective 6th of June.

I have enjoyed working for Global and I sincerely appreciate the support provided to me during my years as part of the team.

For me, joining Mech is one of the most wonderful experiences ever. I enjoyed every moments, the laughs, the fights and the spars. I will never forget them, especially for the original team.

While I look forward to enjoying my retirement, I will miss being part of our team and the company.

If I can be of any assistance prior to my departure and afterwards, please let me know.

I'd be glad to provide whatever assistance I can to provide a smooth transition.

P.S The time of my wedding will be sent to everyone by email. Don't me about the location. I already gave you the coordinates.

Love Best Wishes,

Johnathan Maxwell

John stuck the letter onto the dorm's door.

"Ready?" a voice called to John. John sighed, "Yeah, c'mon, let's go before I start to miss them." Sayinaral giggled, "You'll see them soon enough, in Mongolia, at our wedding. Did you left them anything?" "Under a Chirstmas tree, yes. I left them all autographs of me and Bush. Actually, I think I took more than I gave. This solar panel provides so much energy for it's size. Let's go before they discover us."

The couple settled themselves in the truck, where John's sister awaits. "Hey sis, can you drive? I want to look at Bush."

John walked himself to the back of the truck, and saw Ambush there. "Hey there pal, time to retire. You'll make a good herder." Ambush's core hummed. "Don't worry, we might come back." He looked at the Sigma Cores, the ones that were entrusted to him by Janise, right before she went into hiding. "At least not until I solve some engineering problems. A volatile core powered by pure ion energy? That's something interesting."  

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