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After Black Thunder destroyed Ambush Charlie had sold him and is pars to the Junkyard Scraps and a known bot handler had been in town and went to the junkyard and went to go look for some parts for his robot but what the town did not know was that the bot handler was a known handler who created a robot called Darkmount and also founded and created the Robot Market - Get robots, parts, moves, etc and soon looked in the junkyard and bought Ambush, Midas, and some how Zeus. After purchasing the bots the bot handler named Aiden had went back to his workshop to go fix Ambush´s mainframe and pistons. So when Aiden went to the junkyard he also saw sensors, chips, and motherboards. He bought 1 shadow mode chip, 1 weakness sensor, 1 strike chip, 2 shockfists, 2 flame pistons, 2 shock pistons, 1 T-58 sigma motherboard (creates simulated fights for your robot, allowing it to adapt to fights, limited database), A-1 Thinker motherboard, S-45 Quantum motherboard (A motherboard with attitude, gives nice stats and features.), and then programmed Nuke Fist, and a combined combo of Shogun Trinty and the Charlie Special and the combo being called Crusher Assault and programmed all the moves he got and added others to with all the motherboards he got and combined them together with some engineering and created one whole motherboard and fixed Ambush´s mainframe and added the motherboard with the mainframe and soon Ambush would get his revenge.

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