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Vital statistics
Title The Comic Book Crusher

The Retro Super Hero

Generation 2
Bot Type Demolisher
Status Rebuilt


Name: Ambush

Title/Nickname:"The Comic Book Crusher", "The Retro Superhero"

Ambush's card

Generation: 2

Bot Type: Demolisher

Ambush from the movie poster

Special Move: Chest-Slam

                 Super Chest-Slam (Noisy Boy)

                 Ultra Chest-Slam (Albino)

Ranking: D:1:1


Ambush is Charlie Kenton's famous bot. Charlie apparently won Ambush through a bet and he is the first robot to make an appearance in the movie. Charlie visits a Texas country fair with hopes of making money by having Ambush wrestle an 800-pound bull for $3,000. The promoter of the fight, Ricky, brings out a 1-ton bull, Black Thunder, and taunts Charlie that if Ambush doesn't fight, he doesn't get paid. Charlie is upset, so he increases the stakes to $20,000, winner takes all.

During the fight, Charlie becomes distracted by a pair of girls in the stands and Black Thunder takes the opportunity to hook and rip off Ambush's right leg. Charlie tries desperately to end the fight and keep Ambush moving, but it results in total destruction of his bot. Charlie takes what was left of his bot, minus his right leg (which was stolen by three girls who earlier were denied a picture with Ambush) and runs off before Ricky can collect his $20,000. After the fight with Twin Cities, Ricky beats him up because he didn't pay, then he and his gang take Charlie's money (but not Max's money).


Ambush is a light blue robot, with a big menacing jaw, red boxing gloves and an orange and sky blue pair of wings with a yellow "A" on his chest. He seems to have a vent on his abdominal area. He also has a port for charging him in his left ab. Ambush also appears to be a rusty robot, with rust 'scars' on his left arm side and on his chest. There are various paint scratches, dents, rust marks and various other signs of deterioration and battle damage on him.

Overall Stats

Strength: 87/100

Speed: 91/100

Intelligence: 80/100

Special Moves: 78/100


Made in: USA

Specialities: Thermal knuckledusters

Handler: Charlie Kenton

Signature move: Chest Slam

Announcer's Quote: "The Retro Superhero, the Comic Book Crusher...Ambush!"

Divided Stat Name

Stat Value
TBR 5984
Core HP 4940
Power Charge 2080
Total Attack 5091
Total Defense 3501
Resilience 9
Damage Recovery 7
Power Recovery 7
Average Punch Speed 6
Movement Speed 5



Real Steel iOS

Ambush is the basic bot of the game. He is also considered the weakest bot. With only 2 armour and speed with 4 on attack, he is quite easy to defeat. But, he can be annoying if he gets to hit you multiple times.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing

Ambush is still the basic bot. He is the 1st bot you can purchase along with Bio War and Fat Boy.He has a new feature called the "Thermal Knuckledusters" which granted him a power drain ability (however, the drain ability was removed after an update). He did good for specials, but he is quite weak in Armor and Power. Now, in the latest update, he has a new ability titled "Power Rush" and as a result, he is quite effective against bots like Fat Boy with Armor Brace.

Armor :11

Power :11

Special :12


Real Steel Basic Action Figure - Ambush (Series 2)

Real Steel Basic Wave 2 Ambush figure

This is the only known toy incarnation so far. It's head is very inaccurate, as well as the blue colour of it's body being too light. Early images of this toy show realistic and accurate rust detailing, although this has been changed to more cartoony and lazily drawn brown splotches.


  • The only fight Ambush is ever seen fighting is with a bull.
  • The logo on Ambush's chest is a faded "A" with wings - most likely an insignia to his name, like Superman.
  • Ambush is now available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 as downloadable content, along with 2 new stages.
  • Ambush seems to be old, since he has rust scars and dented armor.
  • He is the only robot in the Real Steel movie that does not fight another robot. He fights a bull. After he is destroyed, parts of him are put into Atom.
  • His fists are similar to Zeus', but not by much. Also, he has a red dot on each fist in the games.

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Ambush 04.jpg