Amalgamera is an upcoming threat in Real Steel: Ferocious Ferrous. A horrifying 4-armed, multi-headed fusion of multiple defeated robots destroyed by Atom, Midas, and Zeus salvaged and illegally stolen from the Metal Valley.

He consists of the following robots: Twin Cities, Axelrod, Gridlock, Danger Zone, Blac Jac, Aquabot, Albino, Bluebot, Blacktop, Sixshooter, and Metro (partial)

He is a Lightning Breaker, which is a Game Breaker/Lightning Bruiser hybrid. He has an earth-shattering 39 wins and 0 losses. His name means ''Amalgamate'' in Swedish. (if I am correct.)


SPEED: 77/100
POWER: 94/100
ARMOR: 98/100
SPECIAL: 96/100
OVERALL: 440/500

Special Moves

Copied-Copied (charged grinding and slow uppercut that can blow the enemy's chest plate off in just one hit, also usually shattering their jaw)
Head Rupturer (head rip-off move, slams fist on top of head, briefly stunning, before delivering a powerful uppercut that will blow the enemy's head off)
Crackin' Necks (rapid punches to faceplate until neck breaks)
Purge's Surge (a quad-punch, blowing the enemy back)
Brain Burst (a powerful uppercut to face)
Got You Stuck (using its ball joint necks, it can clamp its heads down on its enemy's fist if their punch is directed between its head)
Hydraulic Shatter (charged punch to enemy's joints, damaging or cracking the directed location's hydraulics)
Magnetic Maul (raises Blac Jac arm as a battle stance before unleashing a barrage of steady and wire-splitting blows to enemy's body)
Bear-Trap (spins all four fists 720 degrees, suddenly grabs enemy with arms like a bear-trap, trapping and stunning them, giving amalgam to land headbutts, kicks, or slam them across the ropes)
Spine Smasher (spins enemy around, lands powerful blow directed to the front of enemy's lower-back, and lands a kick to their back, usually knocking them down)
Handlebar Headbutt (grabs enemy by the shoulders and slams them into a powerful headbutt, usually knocking them down)
Overdose Overkill (a powerful blow to stomach, launching enemy back and doing severe wiring damage)
Elbows Off The Table (powerful blow to face, knocking enemy back before charging and elbow-slamming them into the ropes)
Hardline Havoc (extremely rapid but weak punches to shoulders, usually tearing an arm off)
Scornish Splitter (a Copied-Copied blow directed to stomach, usually splitting the enemy into two)
The Ultra Cluster (move bought from John Maxwell. A right elbow, left roundhouse, slightly directed to the ground, then uppercuts the opponent. All moves directed to the head.)

Winnings: Not Listed Yet.

Special Feature: Mockup Masks, Toy-Box Hydraulic Fluid, 360 Vision

Amalgamera's Mockup Masks is its extremely hard ability to be rip-off, due to its multiple heads.
Amalgamera's Toy-Box Hydraulic Fluid is a forged and partially-unstable fusion of various hydraulic fluids stolen from the robots used to create Amalgamera.
Amalgamera's 360 Vision is not actual vision, but the ability to deliver swings from behind despite being turned around. Though, this swings are limited to Amalgamera's articulation not being ball joint-like.

Weight: 3416 pounds.

Height: 8'6 feet tall.

Handler: Paul Evanworth AKA Mr. Evanworth.


- G2 Remote Control with Motion Sensors that can attach to Paul's prosthetic left arm.

- Voice-controlled headset.

- Motion sensors located in Paul's prosthetic arm, allowing him to control Amalgamera's left arms as a last resort.


- Left Leg: Gridlock's left leg with bits of Albino's and Twin Cities' armor

- Right Leg: Axelrod's right lower-leg, Twin Cities' right thigh, and bits of Blac Jac's armor along with the hearts on his leg.

- Pelvis/Hips: Danger Zone's pelvis, Gridlock's left hip, Aquabot's right hip, and Blacktop's extra armor

- Torso: Danger Zone's upper-torso with the shattered window, Metro's power cords and slight plating, Axelrod's stomach, Gridlock's lower-back, Twin Cities' right upper-back, and extra rusted plating on left upper-back along with Blacktop's smoking hydraulics and armor on the back.

- Left Upper-Arm: Blac Jac's arm with Danger Zone's and Blacktop's extra armor

- Right Upper-Arm: Sixshooter's shoulder, upper arm, and pistons, Aquabot's elbow, Axelrod's forearm, and a mix of Gridlock's and Albino's fists.

- Left Lower-Arm: Bluebot's arm with Twin Cities' extra armor along with Bluebot's head sewn to his fist

- Right Lower-Arm: Aquabot's arm with Albino's and Axelrod's extra armor

Heads: Two main heads (Twin Cities' damaged right head and Blac Jac's damaged head with a crudely-melded broken faceplate), Albino's head welded to top of his spine, Twin Cities' left head mounted over his right upper shoulder, Danger Zone and Axelrod's heads welded together located on left upper arm's upper-arm, Gridlock's squashed remains of head and Blacktop's heads fused together mounted on left foot, Aquabot's head located on left lower side, Sixshooter's head located on right upper side, and Bluebot's head fused to left lower-fist. Salvaged parts of Metro's head welded to Twin Cities' right head and Blac Jac's head.

Extra: Scrap located on reinforcing torso's armor, various parts making up the motherboard, circuit board and etc, Blacktop's remote, and Bluebot's voice recognition.

(Heavily considering doing an actual drawing but I might not. I'm not good at drawing and I'm pretty wobbly at it. But a rough sketch might just be good enough. If I do make a drawing, it'll be on the weekend.)


Amalgamera was created over time using the scratch of various destroyed robots. Prior to Ferocious Ferrous, Albino, Bluebot, and Aquabot had all been destroyed by Midas.

All of the robots had been dumped in Metal Valley. Paul somehow broke into the junkyard and committed some sort of ''Junkyard Heist'' where he stole all of the robots' remains, along with other valuable parts.



''Want to get killed by the Eldritch Abomination from the past? Hit me up with a location and a time. Remember, I'll show 100% no mercy. Start praying.''

- Mr. Evanworth.


AMALGAMERA VS. KNIGHTFALL (LOST TO SPLIT DECISION) (Decrease in $500,000) ''I'll get him back...''

AMALGAMERA VS. <unknown>

AMALGAMERA VS. <unknown>

AMALGAMERA VS. <unknown>

AMALGAMERA VS. <unknown>


  • Originally, Amalgamera were two robots with the other robot unnamed. Amalgamera would just be Axelrod, Gridlock, Danger Zone, Blac Jac, and Twin Cities with the other being the remaining parts.
  • Amalgamera is the heaviest and tallest robot in all of Real Steel: Ferocious Ferrous.
  • Despite being made mostly out of Generation 3 robots, his controller is a G2 remote strapped to Paul's prosthetic arm. According to WTB, the remote was from Blacktop.
  • One of its heads was originally located on its left shoulder-blade but was moved to one of its upper arm's shoulders due to another head already being extremely near there and didn't want to be crowded.
  • Despite Gridlock's head being squashed flat, it was completely salvageable.
  • Danger Zone's power cords, Blac Jac's face plates, Axelrod's entire upper-body and head, and other parts, which were ripped off and torn off during their final fight have been sewn and welded back on.
  • Originally, Amalgamera were going to have Twin Cities' control panels and remote but was scrapped because this would make Paul seem more ''genius''-like. In reality, he was like a zombie.
  • Amalgamera has the most powerful but most unstable power core, along with extremely reinforced hydraulics and cable-like wiring.
  • Despite being destroyed, Amalgamera features no parts from Ambush or Noisy Boy.
  • At the moment, the only part from Amalgamera sold in a shop was Metro's hammer fist.
  • Amalgamera lacks Metro's head as it was completely destroyed in Atom's fight.
  • His voice recognition originates from Bluebot. Charlie quotes Brazilians saying they were crazy about voice recognition and due to Bluebot being from Brazil, it's assumed he has it.
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