Name: Alloy

Screenshot 2015-05-10-12-16-35

the Atomic Bomb Himself

Nickname: The Atomic Bot

Announcer's Quote: Metal as strong as alloy, the hiroshima bomber, the japanese terror, bombs away for ALLOY!

Robot Type: Nuker

Generation: 5

Power: 300

Critical: 30

Health: 3195


Made in: Japan


Intro: Shogun

Finisher: Excavator

Win: Abandon

Special: Shock and Awe


Upon beating Noisy Boy, Jack went to Japan where he went to a museum and checked out all of the Japanese history but one got his eye, the Atomic Bomb that bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, so he decided to build a bot with a design similar to the Atomic Bomb.

Upon his visit he meet Hiroto, the owner of Steel, which told Jack that there was a Japanese underbelly and soon Jack was fascinated about the fight so he and Hiroto built a bot that can withstand nuclear waste, Jack was originally going to call him Nuke but changed it into Alloy and it was ready.

Showing Off

Alloy's first opponent was Firefly,after an intense fight Alloy Prevaled against firefly after a successful fight,Alloy challenges Big Mac,Count Mechula and Gunhammer and yet again won.

Metro Throwdown

After a beating all this bots,Alloy faces Metro and soon the fight began,Metro punched Alloy only damaging parts of him and after that he uses his special and an uppercut to finish Metro one and for all.


New bots coming soon!

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