Albino in Real Steel WRB.jpg
Vital statistics
Title The Great White Hope
Generation 2 or 3
Bot Type Demon Wall
Status Online


Name: Albino

Title/Nickname: "The Great White Hope"

Generation: 2

Bot Type: Demon Wall

Status: Online

Owner: Unknown


Albino is a German bot and was a great League WRB boxer but is retrieved in the Underworld as we see him in Crash Palace as Noisy Boy walks by passing him and scaring Max Kenton with his fists. He once fought with Zeus and he was lucky for getting out of the ring in one piece.


Fighting Style

Albino is a WRB fighter which uses swift attacks to knock out his opponent. Since he is designed as a WRB fighter, he is vulnerable to illegal moves as well. But since he is more focused on speed (like Aquabot) he has weak armor.


Albino is a white, tall, and slender or thin robot but he is not as tall as Abandon. His arms are long and thin but his fists are almost as big as his head. His eyes are round. His body has a line in the middle as thick as his neck which allows his head to move forward and backward. His head and body texture can be seen from the picture below. 

Albino texture 01.jpg
Albino texture 02.jpg

Real Steel World Robot Boxing


Origin: Germany

Weight: 702 LBS

Height: 7'11"

Special Feature: Sodium Armoured Shell

Signature Move: Glass Jaw Feint

                        Super Glass Jaw Feint (Noisy boy)

                        Ultra Glass Jaw Feint (Sixshooter)


Albino is the first robot you can choose to purchase as well as to defeat in WRB II to get to the next opponent. His color can be changed in the Paint Shop.

Announcer's Quote: "Introducing the transparent calliope with a whiplash punch, Albino!"


  • Albino was once the concept art of Zeus.

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