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Aiden Velasco

A fan made handler

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Creator: DarkMount

Ceo/Founder of IBot Industries

Owner of Darkmount, Robot Market - Get robots, parts, moves, etc, And Ambush(repaired)

Founder of Robot Market - Get robots, parts, moves, etc


Aiden was a boy who was interested in the WRB and was a fan of the famous Noisy Boy but when he watched the WRB championship in 2016 when he was 16 and soon watched how Noisy Boy lost he was mad and soon tried to buy Noisy Boy when he went for sale but could not afford the price and soon went to collage for computer coding and soon graduated and went and bought parts to make his robot Darkmount.


Aiden is a nice calm-minded person and may get mad due to him having anger issues but he is a nice person.


His appearance is black hair, brown eyes and usually wears jackets with shirts and pants but will wear shorts some times.


After many fights Aiden soon got hundreds, thousands, and millions and would become one of the wealthiest bot handlers in the sport of robot boxing and soon would fight robots powerful than Zeus and would be known for his best robot Darkmount and soon would report that he would retire but would either return soon or pass his legacy to his son.


After about 6 years of being in the sport Aiden soon retired and said ¨Thank You for everything you guys have done since I started and I will return someday, someday¨ he said with a huge smile on his face for his fans and for what they did and soon would enjoy his 2 1/2 retirement and his robot in his sons hands but would return after a new robot beat Darkmount with a knockout and soon would pull out of his retirement.

Returning Champion

After news on Darkmount's defeat Aiden decided that it would be time to upgrade him. Once he pulled Darkmount out of the truck he was mortified to see that Darkmount was in the worst condition ever he could imagine the armor was just destroyed only small part of the armor stayed intact but most of the armor that was destroyed exposed the inner parts of Darkmount.