Aftershock is a San Francisco bot who is the weakest prototype for the G4 bot Disaster, the others being Quake and Tornetron.


Generation: 2

Type: Blitz Cannon

Weight: 2023 lbs

Size: 9 1/2 feet

Nickname(s): the Two-pronged Spear

Intro: Here he is, the Two-pronged Trident, the Quake Maker, AFTERSHOCK!!!!!!!!!!!


Aftershock is a prototype bot for the first G4 bot that is in construction: Disaster. Although AS is a G2 bot, his creators knew that G4 bots would come eventually, so they built prototype bots to prepare for the coming Generation 4 bot line. Aftershock was purchased by Mormon Thresher, who then sold him to Conner Crater for 77,009 dollars. Conner upgraded him and used him as a very successful fighting bot who managed to work his way up to Zeus but was defeated.


Ambush win

Bluebot win

Fat Boy win

Midas draw

Midas(rematch) win

Hollow Jack win

Metro loss

Camelot loss

Camelot(rematch) win

Gridlock win

Albino loss

Twin Cities loss

Albino(rematch) win

Noisy Boy loss

Zeus SEVERE loss

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