Aeve is a robot owned by Mark Hedhon, Aeve was a bot that was manufactured by both Metal Enterprises and the Robotic Building Center.


SPEED : 70 / 100

STRENGTH : 80 / 100


ARMOR : 70 / 100


As they were creating more and more machines, Metal Enterprises and RBC (not the bank) were discussing over what concepts should be made and what strengths should be included in those soon-to-be-robot concepts. The two companies realized that strength and consistency in all stats were not taken note of in their recent boxer bots, so they tried to create a bot that could deal and take hits, as well as take care of it's self too when the controller wasn't focusing. Thus, the design led to a peculiar-looking but impressive bot called Aeve.

Aeve was soon created and put in a eBot selling district, for a reasonable price. Coming across the district was Mark Hedhon, a man who's been known to have great knowledge of a bot. When coming into the eBot warehouse, he immediately looked at Aeve. The weird but cool muscular build of Aeve instantly told Mark that this bot was one for the records, and after a few negotiations and stuff, Aeve was out of the district and into the lab of Mark Hedhon.

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