Nickname:The Robotic Werewolf

Special Feature:Mecha Morphoses

Special:Wolf Power

640x478 17757 Wolfcyborg 2d sci fi concept art cyborg wolf picture image digital art

Wolf Form

Made in:Iceland




Robot Form




Owner:Jon Derssuranz 


Jon Durssuranz Built a Robotic hound and used a Morpher Style chip that converts it to a robot,with morph tech he built a robot form for his hound to fight against a crash test dummy,so the hound converts into a robot and ripped the crash test dummy and thus Ace was born.

Sparked and Shocked

Ace and his owner arrived in Canada where they Battle Sparky,Flynn saw Jon and his hound,in Flynn's mind it was a piece of cake.

The bell rang and Sparky threw Ace and pounded him,Sparky punched ace but he Moleculary Morphed in to a Robot that crushed Sparky,Flynn used Absoption Glove to Drain the Energy but Ace Morphed and used his wolf form to attack Sparky from behind in which he had won,but Sparky stoud up and fought Ace which they both knocked each other out their prize was 20.000$

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