Name: Abandon

Title: The Ice-Cool Mechanical Mountain

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Mighty Glacier

Status: Online


Abandon is a robot that was originally added to the Real Steel HD (iOS) game, and made a comeback in the sequel, Real Steel WRB. He's a purchasable, playable and fightable character in the game and belongs to the WRB-II tier in the Championship mode in RS WRB, being the third opponent after Excavator and prior to Touch Down. He also appears in the Tournament mode in RS HD, being the second opponent after Shogun and prior to Nitro on the Tier 3 of the All Stars Tournament mode. He's remarkably taller than most robots in RS WRB, although he's quite short in RS HD. His parts and moveset can also be found in Real Steel Champions, however Abandon himself doesn't come back and doesn't have any alternate versions.

Announcer's Quote: "From the frozen wastes, icing opponents left, right and center: Abandon!"



Armor: 70/100

Power: 70/100

Speed: 60/100


Health: 7800

Attack: 616

Special: 1270

WRB-II: 232

Boost: Full Defense


Abandon 001.png

Origin: Scandinavia

Ability: Throwback - Special Regen

Weight: 1108 lbs

Height: 8'2''

Special Feature: Cold-Fusion Frostcore

Special Moves:

1.- The Ice Breaker (Original)

2.- Super The Ice Breaker (Blacktop)

3.- Ultra The Ice Breaker (Gridlock)


Abandon's appearance is huge and wide, mostly at the chest area. He has a faint blue paint job to go with the "ice-cool" theme. His fists are a bit oversized. His forehead has LEDs that look like eyes. He has his core in the middle of his chest. He has decals on his cheeks that somewhat resemble tears. He's pretty blocky looking, especially when seen from the sides, he has a lot of exposed pistons and mechanisms on his biceps, thighs and a little bit on the clavicles too. Unlike most robots, he doesn't seem to be frowning, giving him a "neutral" or expressionless face. His size variates between RS HD and WRB; in the first game he's a little shorter than most of the robots, while in the second one he's probably one of the tallest ones. He is mostly painted in an icy blue color, with dark blue and black trimmings. His parts and moveset also appear in RS Champions, but not the complete robot himself.


  • Abandon is a Scandinavian bot, but does not display any themes related to Scandinavia.
  • Abandon grew significantly in between both Real Steel apps, from 7'10" to a much taller 8'2".
  • Abandon is the only robot to not make his debut in the apps or the movie. He appeared in a (no longer active) website where fighters could play as Atom, train, and fight against robots like Twin Cities, Albino, Blac Jac, Danger Zone (named Spitfire in it), Axelrod, Gridlock (named Atlas in it), and of course, Abandon.
  • Originally, Abandon appeared to have battle scars on his body which including minor dents on the left side of his chest, left shoulder, and what appears to be a small tear under his right eye.
  • He's the second tallest robot in the game, the first one being Albino.
  • He's one of the oldest non-movie robots.
  • He's the only Scandinavian robot in the whole franchise.
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